Half Marathon Training Tips

The experienced runners will tell you that if you can run 10km, you can run a half marathon with just a little extra training. We agree, but preparation is everything and the simpler the plan, the better the plan. If the Pirates 21km is your first half marathon, ideally you should be running about 25km to 35km per week in December and try to increase that to around 40km per week in January which includes possibly two 15km (or 20km) runs as part of your training during January. In the first week of February you should probably reduce your kms to about 30kms and 20km into second week. In the week before the race give your legs a rest and probably do two 5km runs – finishing your last run on the Thursday before the race. After each run, spend at least 5 minutes stretching (see our section on stretching) and stretch regularly between runs, 3 – 4 times a day.

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